Tuesday, September 19, 2017

iOS 11 is here!

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So you're on your iPhone and you're hyped how about iOS 11 coming to your iPhone, here's something you need to know before you update 2 iOS 11. Here are the requirements to run iOS 11 on your iPhone.

You will need at least 2GB of local space free to install iOS 11 and have a iPhone 5S or higher to run.
Please note that if you have an iPhone 5S and install iOS 11 you may experience some areas being slow. I recommend that you have an iPhone 6S (or higher) or iPhone SE to run iOS 11 to have the best experience of iOS 11 instead of running on a old slow phone from 2013.

Also note that if you have any 32 bit apps. They will not work in iOS 11 because starting in iOS 11 they removed 32 bit support because Apple wants all developers to focus on the 64 bit architecture. Therefore if you have any 32 bit only apps on your iPhone then don't upgrade.
Also if you want the full iOS 11 experience then go buy an iPhone X.

Feel free to comment below about your thoughts of iOS 11.

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