Sunday, March 18, 2018

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Review

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1:15 PM

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update
Although as of the writing of this blog post, it's currently in the insider preview stage but there's not many new changes in it for RS4 as Microsoft is finishing it up and of course fixing bugs which should be finished somewhere this month. Anyways, let's dive into this and see what new toys they are.

Installation Process

The installation process is pretty much the same as before, but just a little tweaked out of box experience setup. Nothing really changed much, it's just mostly the same as Fall Creators Update, but with more bug fixes and of course new toys in it.

The Desktop

The Desktop, fresh install.
Pretty much looks the same as the Fall Creators update at first glance, but there's a little bit more things "fixed" I guess...
Bloatware apps pre-installed, as usual.
Looks like Microsoft is trying to bring back the Aero Glass blur in the taskbar from Windows 7.

Say hello to the new Timeline!

The new Timeline feature on the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update
Yes, incase if you forgot what you were doing a few days ago or whatever day. This should come in handy, especially for the boss to check on the employee's "work". Pretty cool feature, but if you don't like it or have the use for it, you can disable it in Windows Settings.

Goodbye HomeGroup

If you still use the HomeGroup feature in Windows 10 then you shouldn't consider updating to the Spring Creators Update, but Microsoft might be pushing an update to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to remove the HomeGroup functionally from it, but the Windows 10 Creators Update and older isn't affected (includes Windows 7, 8, and 8.1). Also, the HomeGroup link is still in Security and Maintenance page but clicking on it does nothing at all.

Easier signing in! (Windows 10 S Only)

You can now sign into your Windows 10 S device with your smartphone meaning that all you have to do is download the Microsoft Authenticator app for your Android phone or iPhone and set up Windows Hello to use it as a sign-in method. If you don't have your phone for whatever reason then you'll sign in with your pin code you added to your account. Nice feature, but of course requires Windows 10 S.

Goodbye Paint in future update...

Of course, downloading apps from the Microsoft Store requires a Microsoft Account.

File Explorer

This PC - File Explorer
Same as usual, nothing really has changed and of course there's still this useless extra space in "This PC". Also, the UWP app isn't still updated and is still mostly the same from the Windows 10 Creators Update.


Windows Settings Home
Well it still looks like a mess, but I guess they're trying to tidy things up at least? Still prefer the classic Control Panel tho. Would be nice if there was a view all option.
I don't get the naming "Focus Assist".
Why does "Phone" have to be a separate page if there's no subpages?
New Startup page under Apps, neat page I guess.

Microsoft Edge

Getting better, and better slowly... But I doubt it will stop people from downloading other web browsers with Edge.
Well, finally... compact menus for Mouse and Keyboard users.
Well here's something neat that Google Chrome can't do... FULL SCREEN WITH NAVIGATION CONTROLS!

More transparency!

Not talking about the graphical user interface transparency, but as in what things are actually going on of what's being sent to Microsoft. You can view the diagnostic data of what gets sent to Microsoft by using the diagnostic viewer from the Microsoft Store to view what was sent to Microsoft please note that the Diagnostic data viewer has to be enabled in Settings which may take up to 1 GB of hard disk space.

Some more Linux commands

These new commands that are from Linux should help for developers who mostly use Linux. These new commands include curl and wget. Also in built-in SSH is there too since the Windows 10 fall creators update.

Much better emoji design

Finally much better design and better looking too than ever before, at least it's not like the samsung crackers emoji *cough*, Here's a comparison.




The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update really shapes up Windows 10 than the previous Windows 10 major feature updates released and should of been like that since day 1 of the release of  Windows 10. Should you update? Well, that's entirely your choice if you want to update to it or not when the Spring Creators update comes out. Also, don't forget more emojis for the latest Unicode, and of course they're redesigned too! Sadly, the new touch keyboard that's in Windows 10 since the fall creators update is still too small. Please note that the older Windows 10 versions which includes 1607 and 1703 unless you're using the education/enterprise edition which you'll have six months extended from the end of life date or if you're using Windows 10 LTSB then you'll have 10 years of support.

Are you going to update to the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update when it gets released?

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

iPhone SE 2 thoughts

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11:24 AM

What will the next iPhone SE look like if it gets released next year in 2018? πŸ“±

Here's my thoughts on what it will be...

What will be changed:
- The all new A11 chip found in the iPhone 8 (Plus), and the iPhone X.
- Maybe more memory (3 GB) πŸ‘
- The all new camera found in the iPhone 7 πŸ“·
- Most likely the new 2nd generation TouchID found in the iPhone 6S πŸ–
- Probably headphone jack removal😞 

What will not be changed:
- The most of main shell (Most likely not gonna include Wireless charging due to costs) and looking similar to the iPhone 5S/SE.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone SE 2? πŸ€”

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Windows operating system results with RineTech VPS

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11:17 AM

These results show of what Windows operating systems work with RineTech

Operating System Status Description
MS-DOS/FreeDOS Working Works out of the box without any issues
Windows 9x Not Working Locks up after setup
Windows NT 3.x/4.x Not Working BSOD on Setup
Windows 2000 Not Working Random BSOD (unable to complete setup)
Windows XP/Server 2003 (RTM) Not Working Random mostly BSOD unless updated to sp2 (will mostly solve the bsod)
Windows XP/Server 2003 (SP2) Partial Setup completes, but sometimes BSOD (unless USB Controller is disabled)
Windows Vista/Server 2008 Working Works out of the box without any issues
Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 Working Works out of the box without any issues
Windows 8/Server 2012 Working Works out of the box without any issues
Windows 10/Server 2016 ? Not Tested yet

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Windows 8 on old hardware results

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1:01 AM

Here's the table that shows the results, which is self explanatory...

OS Pentium II (and older) Pentium III Katmai Pentium III CM + T Pentium 4 (Northwood)
Windows 8 Beta (DP/CP) 0x000000A HAL_INTIALIZATION_FAILED Success! Success
Windows 8(.1) RTM and RP 0x000000A 0x0000005D 0x0000005D* 0x0000005D*
* May work with patching, but not guaranteed to work.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

$10 PC upgrades

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10:17 AM

In this blog post, I will talk about the $10 PC hardware upgrades that I am going to do to it. At first, I ordered a Socket 370 Intel Pentium III @ 800 MHz and  2x 256 MB of Memory since the computer already has 256 MB of memory, and the max is 768 MB. When the 800 MHz PIII came in through the mail (the 2x 256 MB memory hasn't came in yet, hopefully will be coming on Monday), I toke out the socket in the computer.

Socket adapter with the Celeron 300A CPU and the dusty heatsink.

Pentium III processor received from the mail.

After installation...

Then, after I inserted the Pentium III processor and put the heatsink back on; I put the socket back into the computer, after that I powered it on then I heard no POST beeps (or any beeps at all), so I decided to go to chat with someone on why it wasn't working. After that, I found it was the revision on the socket which it didn't support Pentium III processors.
Says version 1.1, which means it lacks Pentium III cpu support, meaning it only supports Pentium II and Celeron CPUs.
I was kinda a bit disappointed at first, so I decided to order another socket that supports Pentium III processors which it should probably be arriving somewhere this week, I will make an update on this blog post when the memory and the socket arrive.

Late update (12/18/2017)

Sorry for the late update, but when the socket adapter arrived, sadly it didn't work (There was no POST at all) probably due to the processor being FSB 133MHz, and probably the processor had higher power requirements that the computer didn't support, according to ABIT's website (WebArchive), they say that it doesn't support Coppermine since according from them it's due to the "power". Also, the memory I've ordered worked fine and no issues whatsoever at all except one which was the computer recognizing one of the memory sticks as 128MB although the memory stick is 256MB. Later on, I will order a compatible processor and lot more research what good Pentium III cpu will work with this machine and that is at a low price, because I am not gonna spend a thousands of dollars just for a old PIII cpu.  The socket adapter itself works because I have tested out the Celeron processor and it POST just fine with no issues whatsoever, but when I put in the PIII processor in it, there was no POST completely at all, I even tried to reset the CMOS and check the connections, even checked to make sure the connections were fully connected, but still no POST. As I said before, I will make another update on this blog post like I just made this late update which I forgot to update on because I forgot all about it, sorry for that. Anyways, I will update this post again once I order the proper processor and I test it out. If anyone of you have a good pentium III processor that works in this ABIT BH6 motherboard (rev 1.0), please feel free to comment below and please make sure it's not expensive.

Mini UPDATE (12/21/2017)

Yesterday, Ordered a 600MHz, 100 MHz FSB Pentium III Slot 1 processor, hopefully it will work according from ABIT's website max cpu. Will update as I said before on how well it goes! It should be here by Saturday. Also, I've gotten a USB 2.0 PCI card, so now the file transfers should be a lot more faster compared to USB 1.1's speeds. I'll use the USB 1.1 ports just for the keyboard and mouse only.


I've gotten the Pentium III Katmai 600 MHz (100 MHz FSB) Slot 1 and it worked perfectly. Here are a few videos below to show the difference between a celeron 300a, overclocked celeron 300a, and the Pentium III Katmai clocked at 600 MHz.
As you can see, it's a huge difference with these upgrades.


These upgrades have made this computer a bit more faster to use and it helped out with the performance and it's more snappy and quicker to use than before. Was it worth it? I'll say yes because USB 2.0 card and the Pentium III upgrades helped out in the speed section.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The $10 PC

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2:06 PM

One day at the thrift store, I've found an old computer that costed $9.99 ($10). It's very interesting to see what it was. So I wanted it, and I was wondering if this thing was gonna work or not when I went home to try it out... Shockingly, it worked.

The system specifications:

CPU: Intel Celeron 300A Socket 370 with a adapter that fits in the Slot 1 CPU socket.
Memory: 256MB PC100
Hard Disk: None
Motherboard: ABIT BH6 (Intel BX440 Chipset)
Case: Unknown brand white case?
Internet Card: Some ISA ethernet card?

Bringing it home

At home, I decided to play around with it and see what was inside and it had everything, but the hard drive inside. I decided to put my 40GB HDD drive and it didn't work due to the bios supporting the max of 32GB so I had to get a different hard drive that had a jumper function that allowed the drive to be shown as 32GB to the computer. The next day, I decided to go googling for the bios updates which it was very hard to find and when I eventually found it, it was the wrong bios therefore it couldn't flash the bios, so I had to do a lot more and more researching and using WayBack Machine web archive of the ABIT website since the website for it has been offline for almost 10 years. Eventually, I found the BIOS update for it and what it did was it removed the 32GB HDD limit and the best part is ACPI support meaning that it can support Windows 7 too since Windows Vista requires ACPI, originally on the stock BIOS before updating there was no ACPI option.


The BIOS has the soft cpu mod feature meaning that the cpu can be overclocked. The latest BIOS update for the machine is from Mid-2000. It's just one of those generic energy star bios from the late 90s, nothing really special except the overclocking soft cpu mod feature in the BIOS.

Windows XP Time

When installing Windows XP, it toke around 50 minutes to install and it detected almost all of the devices in the computer except for the ISA card, probably due to Windows XP dropping native drivers for the ISA Cards, which means I would have to do a lot of researching for the drivers for the ISA card. Other than that, Windows XP performed fine than what I expected at first, I will surprised it booted under 5 minutes. I will probably install Windows 98 or Windows 2000 on it considering this computer was built in the year 1998.

Overclocking time

Overclocking the processor, the best thing I could overclock the processor was to 450 MHZ, but sometimes the computer would randomly lock up, so I've decided to revert it back to its stock processor speed, since it was very stable and I haven't ran into issues.

Going on the internet!

This was probably the most regret to do on an old computer since almost every webpage on the old computer spikes the CPU usage to 100% most of the time which is unbearable in 2017. The "latest" web browser I could get working is Firefox 48 which was released in 2016 since the latest version of Firefox and Google Chrome require the SSE2 instructions which the Celeron lacked.

Putting something modern...

I decided to put something modern like I tried to put Windows 8 Consumer Preview, but I got the 0x000000A error code, which is probably due to the processor lacking SSE instruction since I have seen people running the Windows 8 preview on a Pentium III computer because the Pentium III contains the SSE instruction. I have decided to make my own very stripped down Windows 7. After that, I did a livestream of installing Windows 7 on it and it was a bit more slow than Windows XP considering the OS was designed for more modern computers at the time and it was released in 2009.


Its a good computer for retro gaming from the 90s like DOOM and Half-Life, but using this computer  as a daily driver is just a big no no since it's very obsolete for the modern world especially when using it on the internet. Maybe someday, I plan on upgrading this $10 computer's memory and processor to a Pentium with 768 MB of ram (maximum ram memory amount it can take).

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