Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to bypass School blocking ports and websites with RDP

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So you been to school and found out that you can't access your favorites websites because they're blocked? or maybe that the port you want to use is blocked on the schools wifi, especially if the VPN refuses to work. Well in this blog post I will teach you on how to bypass that with a special thing called RDP. Please note that I am not responsible if you get in trouble.

Here's what you need:

  • A computer that's on during the school hours
    • If you don't have a real computer that can be kept during the school hours, you should consider on getting a Windows VPS.
  • Knowledge of port forwarding, and RDP.

Anyways, let's go on to the steps:

  1. Make sure rdp is enabled on the machine
  2. Go to router settings and port forward, port 443 or 80 (TCP)
  3. Make sure in Windows Firewall, port 443 or 80 (TCP) is open.
  4. Now try to connect to the machine with the public IP in remote desktop using <IPhere>:<portnumber>
  5. Profit!

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