Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A new major change coming soon.

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Here's a little mini blog post I want to discuss that is coming next year 2018...

Starting next year 2018, there will be a big change happening, what it will be called is "Bob Pony Bulma".

What's Bulma?

It's a modern framework that will be used for the homepage and other pages too! It will be a complete redesign and it will have a better dark theme and many more neat modern codes for the modern web that we are in right now.

When will it be rolled out?

During early 2018, it will be rolled out as a beta for our users to test and give feedback. If it all goes well, it will be fully rolled out to the public during summer 2018.

Will this change affect BPN and this blog?

Maybe, but as of now... there are no plans.

We hope that you will enjoy the upcoming Bob Pony Bulma update in 2018! We hope that you are excited for this upcoming new change. As always, feel free to comment below if you have any feedback at this upcoming change.

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