Sunday, December 10, 2017

$10 PC upgrades

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In this blog post, I will talk about the $10 PC hardware upgrades that I am going to do to it. At first, I ordered a Socket 370 Intel Pentium III @ 800 MHz and  2x 256 MB of Memory since the computer already has 256 MB of memory, and the max is 768 MB. When the 800 MHz PIII came in through the mail (the 2x 256 MB memory hasn't came in yet, hopefully will be coming on Monday), I toke out the socket in the computer.
Socket adapter with the Celeron 300A CPU and the dusty heatsink.

Pentium III processor received from the mail.

After installation...

Then, after I inserted the Pentium III processor and put the heatsink back on; I put the socket back into the computer, after that I powered it on then I heard no POST beeps (or any beeps at all), so I decided to go to chat with someone on why it wasn't working. After that, I found it was the revision on the socket which it didn't support Pentium III processors.
Says version 1.1, which means it lacks Pentium III cpu support, meaning it only supports Pentium II and Celeron CPUs.
I was kinda a bit disappointed at first, so I decided to order another socket that supports Pentium III processors which it should probably be arriving somewhere this week, I will make an update on this blog post when the memory and the socket arrive.

Late update (12/18/2017)

Sorry for the late update, but when the socket adapter arrived, sadly it didn't work (There was no POST at all) probably due to the processor being FSB 133MHz, and probably the processor had higher power requirements that the computer didn't support, according to ABIT's website (WebArchive), they say that it doesn't support Coppermine since according from them it's due to the "power". Also, the memory I've ordered worked fine and no issues whatsoever at all except one which was the computer recognizing one of the memory sticks as 128MB although the memory stick is 256MB. Later on, I will order a compatible processor and lot more research what good Pentium III cpu will work with this machine and that is at a low price, because I am not gonna spend a thousands of dollars just for a old PIII cpu.  The socket adapter itself works because I have tested out the Celeron processor and it POST just fine with no issues whatsoever, but when I put in the PIII processor in it, there was no POST completely at all, I even tried to reset the CMOS and check the connections, even checked to make sure the connections were fully connected, but still no POST. As I said before, I will make another update on this blog post like I just made this late update which I forgot to update on because I forgot all about it, sorry for that. Anyways, I will update this post again once I order the proper processor and I test it out. If anyone of you have a good pentium III processor that works in this ABIT BH6 motherboard (rev 1.0), please feel free to comment below and please make sure it's not expensive.

Mini UPDATE (12/21/2017)

Yesterday, Ordered a 600MHz, 100 MHz FSB Pentium III Slot 1 processor, hopefully it will work according from ABIT's website max cpu. Will update as I said before on how well it goes! It should be here by Saturday. Also, I've gotten a USB 2.0 PCI card, so now the file transfers should be a lot more faster compared to USB 1.1's speeds. I'll use the USB 1.1 ports just for the keyboard and mouse only.


I've gotten the Pentium III Katmai 600 MHz (100 MHz FSB) Slot 1 and it worked perfectly. Here are a few videos below to show the difference between a celeron 300a, overclocked celeron 300a, and the Pentium III Katmai clocked at 600 MHz.
As you can see, it's a huge difference with these upgrades.


These upgrades have made this computer a bit more faster to use and it helped out with the performance and it's more snappy and quicker to use than before. Was it worth it? I'll say yes because USB 2.0 card and the Pentium III upgrades helped out in the speed section.

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