Sunday, October 22, 2017

Moving on from Telegram

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Hello everyone,

This is an important announcement. Starting later this year or in beginning of 2018 (date will be announced later on this blog post), the Bob Pony telegram group will be permanently defunct.

Thank you all very much for your interest in the Bob Pony telegram group. It was a fun concept to make a group for everyone who had telegram to chat in it and have fun.

We have the list of reasons why it's going to be defunct

  • Our user base doesn't use telegram and are not interested in it.
  • Telegram isn't as much advanced unlike Discord (Sorry Telegram!)
  • People simply prefer the discord server known as "Bob Pony Community"
After the Telegram group becomes defunct, you will not see the telegram group in your list,you can't join it anymore, and any media content you posted in the group will be permanently lost unless you backed up your media post from the Telegram group.

Looking forward, there will be a lot of upcoming changes and new things coming in 2018 and we hope that you are hyped about this.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Should you pick MacOS or Windows... or Linux?

So you want to pick a operating system... Sometimes, you can't decide what you want to pick. This blog post will sum things up about MacOS, Windows, and Linux, this may help you out what operating system fits best for you.

MacOS is good for productivity like video editing, photo editing like photoshop, and many other productive applications for MacOS, it's not perfectly suited for gaming in my opinion since the games are not very optimized for MacOS which they perform not so good unlike Windows although MacOS has "Metal" engine. You can find MacOS only on Apple Computers like the iMac, MacBook (Pro/Air), and the Mac mini, which are very expensive and they are not low prices unlike Windows PCs, unless it's a hackintosh (aka MacOS on non-Apple computers). The operating system MacOS, can get viruses like Windows, but not very commonly though, but if you are not very smart with MacOS, but not much compared to Windows. Please note that today's MacOS will not work with old MacOS PowerPC applications because Apple removed Rosetta since Mac OS X Lion. MacOS is a operating system that is created by Apple Inc, first created in the year 1984.

Windows is the most popular operating of all time, and dominated the market share for desktop computers. Windows is the perfect operating system for gaming than MacOS because MacOS struggles to play games perfectly unlike Windows. The Windows operating system can also pretty much do the same things as MacOS can do nowadays, but keep in mind it's not exactly the same as MacOS. Window is also known for getting viruses, so if you're not smart with Windows, you're most likely to get a virus on Windows. The operating system has a lot of applications and depending what kind of architecture of Windows, for 32-bit Windows it works with 16-bit applications, and 64-bit Windows works with 32-bit applications, but NOT 16-bit applications. Windows is a operating system that is created by Microsoft, first created in the year 1985.

Linux is intended for tech enthusiasts who really know about linux and coding, it's intended for experts, but with the help of the community... Linux comes in many distros like Ubuntu, Debian, and many more out there, it was first release in the year 1991! Linux is open source unlike MacOS and Windows. Keep in mind that Linux is a kernel, not a operating system, and the market share for "Linux" is smaller than MacOS and Windows. Also, Linux rarely ever gets viruses considering that the market share for Linux is small.

Depending on the user, there's many other operating systems out there for the user to pick and choose since every user out there is different and has a different taste when it comes to MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Every operating system has their own flaws and their own tricks too.

Which operating system do you prefer, feel free to comment below!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Groove Music is dead (For real)

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Two years ago, Microsoft rebranded Xbox Music to Groove Music to make it more understandable to consumers. The name change didn't help at all. Now, Microsoft has decided to retire the Groove Music streaming service once for all and has partnered with Spotify to make it easy for all Groove Music subscribers who use the Groove Music app for streaming music to move their playlists and music over to Spotify.

Microsoft will stop selling Groove Music passes to customers soon this year, and any customers who are subscribed to the service will be given refunds once Groove Music Pass is discontinued on December 31st, this year. After December 31st, You can no longer stream music or the ability to purchase and download songs on the Groove Music. Just note that the Groove Music app itself isn't going away, but it's streaming music counterpart is.

An update to the Groove Music app will be arriving for Windows 10 users coming next week, and anyone who using the latest Windows Insider build will get early access this week to the updated Groove Music app. Microsoft and Spotify have been collaborating on the Spotify app for Windows 10 and the Xbox One, so it's no surprise that Microsoft would partner with Spotify.

After the streaming service officially discontinues, you will only be able to play local songs from your computer or from your OneDrive that's stored in the cloud. The iOS and Android  Groove Music app will also be able to continue using music from OneDrive, but keep in mind that the streaming counterpart is gone forever. Microsoft recommends all users who use Groove Music to stream music to migrate to Spotify.

Will you miss the Groove Music streaming service when it goes?