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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The free graphics card from school.

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The beginning of how I got it

So meanwhile during at school in ICT LIT class, we were taking apart old computers then putting them back together (they are gonna get e-wasted at the end). Meanwhile, I found the video card in the computer and I asked the teacher if I could take the graphics card home, then the teacher said yes. Therefore, I got the video card.

Home time

So, I toke it home and I tried to put it into my Dell Optiplex 755 and I noticed that the fan was struggling to spin correctly, but I ignored it and of course I ran into another problem which was the graphics card glitching out which is mainly due to overheating because the fan can't spin correctly.

Video Card fixing time

So what I did is take apart the video card and I tried to fix the fan, but somehow I managed to break the fan, so I had to make my new fan cooling method, what I did is grabbed an old fan from another computer and decided to attempt to fit the fan on to it and strip the wires and connect it to the GPU. Now powering on the GPU, the "new" fan did it's job and there were no glitches with the new fan.

Doing benchmarks, and gaming

Well, the gaming and benchmarking side... let's say it's a bit better than the Intel GMA built in on the Dell Optiplex 755 machine itself. Have a look at yourself.


This video card is getting worse everyday ever since it was introduced back in 2008 when the GPU came out, considering the GPU when it got released, it's a 2008 budget GPU at the time. Well, should you still get it in 2017? Absolutely not, the reason why I say that is because the modern Intel HD Graphics can do a lot better than this card can do. If you wanted a good budget video card to spend your money on, I would recommend the NVIDIA GT 710 or GT 1030 since they can do DirectX 11 and 12 just fine unlike the ATI card that can only do DirectX 10 and not any higher.

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